“Honor” & “Prestige” Are Subjective BS, Open To Interpretation — Part 1

“Honor” and “Prestige” have clear definitions but how we interpret them is purely subjective.

Can Hoang Tran


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It’s November 2022 and I have started training for my upcoming exam in February 2023. I had to do the pre-examination stuff such as submitting my exam form and I read one thing “The purpose of Tae Kwon Do is to improve both mental and physical health, and all members MUST uphold the honor and prestige of Tae Kwon Do.” I definitely understand that guideline because we don’t want people misusing their martial arts training.

On the flip side, from a historical and sociopolitical viewpoint, I have to balk at it.

I respect the concept, but at the same time, feel the need to criticize the idea.

What defines the word “honor?

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Mirriam-Webster gives several definitions of the word. Honor as a noun is listed as the following

#1A — Reputation, in the form of a “good name” or “public esteem.

#1B — Recognition, in the form of “merited respect.

#2 — Privilege, which is defined as being “according to something of higher value or a higher position.

#3 — Being a person of “superior standing.

#4 — Credit, which is defined as doing or holding something worthy of “respect” and/or “fame.”

#5 — Chastity, which is defined as “purity” in conduct and intention.

#6 — Purity is defined as the “state of being pure.

#7 — Integrity, which is defined as a “keen sense of ethical conduct.

Honor as a verb, according to Mirriam-Webster, is listed as the following

#1A — To regard and treat someone with “admiration and respect,” which means to treat someone with honor.

#1B — To give “special recognition” to.

#2A — To fulfill a commitment.



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