If My Grandpa Was Alive, We’d Have Interesting Chats On ‘The Crown’

My step-grandfather, who passed away in 1994, moved to the United States from England a few years after World War II. He never got naturalized and still considered himself a loyal subject of the British Crown.

Can Hoang Tran


Promotional photo for season five of The Crown on Netflix.

Netflix’s The Crown, which dramatizes the life of the British Royal Family since the end of World War II, is a motherf — king rollercoaster ride. I have to say that the show gets better and juicier with each new season, despite my belief that the monarchy should be abolished. Season five, the current season, is juicy and meaty as it covers the turbulent marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. If my grandfather was still alive, he’d have a lot of INTERESTING things to say and we’d have a lot of INTERESTING conversations about the Royal Family.

My grandfather, who’s actually my step-grandfather, was born in the English town of Easington Colliery on May 20th, 1919. The coal mining industry played a significant part in the town’s history as my grandfather told me that those who didn’t fight in the war ended up working in the coal mines.

His best friend since childhood, Tommy, was disqualified from military service for having flat feet and ended up working in the coal mines. This is where he met his death at the hands of an incoming mining cart.

It’s the same town where Dennis Donnini (my grandfather told me a childhood story about Dennis who had a homemade skateboard), a Victoria Cross recipient, was also raised. He served as an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II.

His service in the RAF, especially during World War II, took him all over the Eastern Hemisphere.

He was deployed to North Africa in the Allies' campaign against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

After Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces, my grandfather was sent to Burma, where he met Bing Crosby one time, to help the Allies fight the Imperial Japanese Empire.

Shortly after World War II ended, he rode across the Atlantic Ocean on a Cunard ship and settled in the United States. I don’t…



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